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The Law Office of Laurel Scott, PLLC is located in Missouri. The firm specializes in a particular type of case known as the I-601 waiver of inadmissibility for the spouse of a citizen who has been denied a visa to the United States despite being married to a US citizen, usually because of prior immigration violations or criminal history. These types of cases are difficult not only because approval is discretionary - i.e. you have to show that the applicant "deserves" a visa despite the grounds of inadmissibility - but also because the filing procedures are constantly changing and because the procedures vary from consulate to consulate. We have filed hundreds of these cases and have earned a reputation as one of the leading firms in the country for this type of case.

The firm also handles naturalization cases and family immigration cases that do not involve a waiver, such as adjustment of status through marriage, fiance(e) visas, removal of conditions of permanent residence, and immediate relative family petitions.

Please note that the firm does not handle business immigration, asylum, VAWA, TPS, removal defense, or nonimmigrant visas (except K visas).

Laurel Scott

Laurel Scott

Laurel received a BA from Simon's Rock College, a Master's Degree from Duke University, and a Law Degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA where she completed the Temple University Immigration Law Clinical. She spent a year studying at the Queen's University of Belfast and completed an internship at the European Parliament. She started work on her first waiver of inadmissibility in 2003 and quickly realized that waivers were an ideal niche for her new firm. Over the years, she emerged as one of the nation's leading experts in this type of case, publishing numerous articles on the subject and speaking at many events for immigration lawyers. Licensed in Texas and New Hampshire.