Overview of the I-601, Copyrighted* by The Law Office of Laurel Scott, PLLC

An overview of the waiver process is available here: I-601 Memo It was written for attorneys, but is also a useful to non-attorneys as an overview of the waiver process.

Political Writings Available for Download, Copyrighted* by The Law Office of Laurel Scott, PLLC

Model Immigration and Nationality Act: Suggested Replacement of the Current INA 212 Section on Inadmissibility

Publications and Other Writings That Are Copyrighted by the Publisher

Laurel Scott, "Determining Whether to Attempt an Affirmative Filing of a Waiver," Immigration and Nationality Law Handbook (AILA 2009-10 Ed.). [to be published June 2009]

Laurel Scott, "Evidence for an Extreme Hardship Waiver of Inadmissibility: Boldly Going Where No Case Law Has Gone Before," Immigration Briefings, January 2009, West. Contact West at 1-800-221-9428 for a copy.

Laurel Scott, "The Dirty Dozen Mistakes for Foreign Filed I-601 Waivers," Conference Materials for the 22nd Annual AILA Central Florida Chapter Seminar, October 2008.

Laurel Scott and David Simmons, "Successful I-601 Waivers: The Form and a Letter are not Enough," Immigration and Nationality Law Handbook 251 (AILA 2008-09 Ed.). Contact AILA at 1-800-982-2839 for a copy.

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