Parameters for Contributing Submissions to the Website

‘Submissions’ as used below means letters, articles or other writings presented to Scott and Associates for possible public dissemination.

Submissions should be approximately 400 to 1200 words, which is about one to three pages.

File Format
Submissions must be in a Microsoft Word document.

Authors who wish to remain anonymous should make the request in the email when presenting the submission. Authors not wishing to remain anonymous will be credited for their work.

If the submission is a letter that has been sent to the media or a government official, the author should provide the date the letter was sent and the name of the official or media company to whom it was sent.

Submissions must be in regard to immigration and migration issues, including, but not limited to: civil rights, family unity, economics, taxes, driver safety, health care, etc. Preference will be given to submissions about immigration to the United States, but immigration issues in other countries will be considered.

The website for Scott and Associates does not claim to be an unbiased source of information about immigration issues. Preference will be given to submissions that advocate for immigrants’ rights and immigration reform that provides some relief for immigrants from the current laws. However, submissions that respectfully and intelligently present the opposing point of view will be considered.

Scott and Associates will not publish submissions that

  • contain foul or abusive language,
  • are inappropriately disrespectful of the opposing point of view,
  • are potentially defamatory to an individual or organization,
  • attack an attorney over individual cases unless it is in regard to matter wherein the State Bar has issued a final decision to publicly discipline the attorney for professional misconduct,
  • attack an appointed or elected officials in regard to matters other than their political activities and positions or professional misconduct,
  • attack a government administrative official (neither appointed nor elected) in regard to matters other than very clear professional misconduct or very clear exceptionally gross individual incompetence or negligence,
  • promote the unauthorized practice of law,
  • contain unsubstantiated facts or statistics,
  • contain plagiarism or copyright violation,
  • promote hate, or
  • encourage illegal and/or violent activity.

In presenting the submission to Scott and Associates, the author gives Scott and Associates the limited copyright to publish and reproduce the submission indefinitely, including, but not limited to publication on the internet and publication for a profit as part of a collection of public submissions. The author of the submission retains the right to also publish the letter or article as the author sees fit. The author attests that the author holds the copyright at the time the submission is sent to Scott and Associates and that it is not a violation of anyone else’s copyright for us to publish the submission.

If the author refers to the work or remarks of another individual, company or organization, the author must provide a citation for the reference.

How to Submit
Submission may be sent for review to:
The author should provide his/her name as he/she would like it to be printed or should state that he/she wishes to remain anonymous. If it is a letter that has been sent or will be sent to a public official or the media, the author should state the date it was sent or will be sent and the person or company to whom it was sent.

Notification of Publication
In order to prevent Scott and Associates from becoming overwhelmed by requests for feedback on submissions, Scott and Associates will maintain a strict policy of not notifying authors that we intend or do not intend to publish a submission. No comments or feedback will be given for submissions. Calls or emails requesting comments on submissions will not receive a response. The author will not know about the publication in advance and will only learn of our decision to publish when the submission actually appears on the website.