Self Tests

Waiver Eligibility

The Waiver Ineligibility self-test is for determining whether you have a ground of inadmissibility for which no waiver is available. This self-test does not cover grounds of inadmissibility for which a waiver IS available, nor does it cover aggravating factors that affect chances of success on a waiver. This self-test is best for people who know they need a waiver of inadmissibility and want to learn more about whether they will be eligible to apply. Immigration law can be highly nuanced. Even if the test indicates that you are not eligible to apply for a waiver or that there do not appear to be any grounds of ineligibility, always consult an attorney before taking action on your case or departing the country.

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This test can help to determine qualification for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and EAD, based on information currently available. The test is based on the rules for the program in place at the beginning of 2015 and do not include the President's proposed rule changes, which are currently in litigation.

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Aggravating Factors on a Waiver Case

This test can help to determine if there are any aggravating factors that could impact a waiver case. Aggravating factors are a matter of discretion. They are not black-and-white. In waivers of inadmissibility, much is left to the opinion of the individual adjudicator in charge of the case. One adjudicator may differ from another in what he/she thinks is an aggravating factor for the case. This test is meant to give the user a general idea of what might be an aggravating factor.

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Options for Legalization

This test can help to determine available options for legalization. While the test may cover the majority of legalization options, some rarer options are left out. The test is only meant to give the user a starting point for further research. Always consult and attorney before departing the country or taking action on your case.

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